Progress from 2012 in pictures

 We start with where is the platform?

and finish with a station, well almost!

The Railway opened in 1903 and closed to all traffic in 1947, with the track being lifted in 1948. Over the

years the stations slowly disappeared, Gairlochy becoming a caravan site, Fort Augustus a school,

Invergloy a bed and breakfast and Aberchalder a house. Only Invergarry platform remained, dormant and waiting to be rescued, a happy hunting ground for fly tippers.

During its short life the railway saw some memorable occasions, with KE Vll and the royal train arriving at Invergarry in1903 and 1905. The two word wars breathed new life into to the line with extra sidings being laid at Fort Augustus in WW2.

Today the station now boasts ¼ mile of standard gauge track which is currently being extended to the east. A Ruston diesel shunter (1947) provides motive power and the Lesmac trolley offers rides. Name-boards and station lamps are being erected and a replica signal cabin constructed.

Work is ongoing in preparing the sidings for track and the eventual erection of a Historic Carriage Shed.

Once work at the east end of the platform is completed, the track will be extended westwards, with a

current potential of 0.6 miles. Our aim is to recreate the station as it was - a station frozen in time.